We have already started SANJIBAN HOSPITAL in phases and presently the Outdoor Services with Pharmacy, Optical Shop, Laboratory, Radiology Department including C T Scan, USG, X-Ray, Holter, ECG etc., and Physical Medicine Department is operational.

Indoor Services includes General Medicine, Respiratory and Chest Medicine, General Surgery, Surgical Oncology, Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatric Medicine, Pediatric (Cardiology, Nephrology & Hematology) Anesthesia, Intensive Care (Adult & Pediatric), Dental Surgery, Eye Surgery, Dermatology, Pain Management, Accident and Emergency, Facio- maxillary surgery, Gastroenterology, 24 hour Trauma Medicine, Psychiatry Neuro-Psychiatry, Dialysis etc are fully in operation which are running very successfully and created a huge favorable public interest. Average number of Patients at Outdoor as on date is more than 500 Nos. Within Five months of our Indoor Operations we have successfully conducted more that 1200 critical operation in our Ultra Clean Modular O.T. Complex
We have already signed an agreement with National Insurance Co. Ltd. and about to launch an Healthcare Insurance Policy in collaboration with them which is going to make modern healthcare available to every strata of people of our country
We have got the approval for Blood Bank with Component Separation and had got permission for organizing Blood Donation Camps for uninterrupted Blood Supply for our hospital patients
We have been enlisted as Class I Super Specialty Hospital by Directorate of Heath Service, Govt. Of West Bengal
We believe that without improved environmental situation, advanced treatment facility cannot be completed. Moreover the running cost of the hospital involves huge Energy Cost (Electricity & Air-conditioning). We have set up a 1.5 MW Green Energy Biomass Power Plant which will be connected to the National Power Grid. We have already signed a Power Purchase Agreement with WBSEDCL for selling of power. Moreover by Waste heat utilization for the Power plant we will be running our Air-conditioning System of 360 TR with Vapour Absorption Machine. This Air conditioning system runs on the waste heat from the Power Plant and does not consume any electricity. Hence the Energy cost of the Air-Conditioning system is substantially reduced. Moreover the Waste Steam & Hot Air provides free fuel for our Kitchen, Laundry & C.S.S.D. This helps us to reduce the cost of treatment for the patients substantially and help us fulfill our mission to make Modern Scientific Treatment Affordable