We believe healthcare is a service, not a commercial commodity.


Our plan is to build a modern hospital with the following objectives:


Delivery of modern scientific treatment does not necessarily mean using expensive equipments. It is the judicious use of evidence-based medicine, clinical protocols and hospital guidelines that form the basis of modern medicine. We are constantly trying to improve our clinical standards by continuing medical education programme (CME), internal audit and research, organising conferences. We are using generic names of medicines, not brand names, and also following essential drugs list prepared by the world health organisation.


The core of doctor-patient relationship is trust. We are committed to protect patient confidentiality, be transparent about providing information and be accountable in every step that we take in patient care.


We believe that healthcare is a service, not a commodity. However, in spite of all our sincere wishes it is beyond our resources to provide universal free treatment. But following are some of the measures we are taking to help reduce the cost of treatment

Use of hospital guidelines and protocols
Judicious use of antibiotics
Strict infection control policy
Introduction of affordable health insurance
Medicine at a very affordable price, supplied by a schedule M company
Renewable energy plant to reduce the cost of electricity

This effort to deliver ‘treatment at a reasonable cost’ can succeed when people from all quarters join hands to build this project.


We understand the importance of preventive medicine. We will promote health awareness through immunisation, family planning, well-baby clinic, cancer-screening programmes etc. in the community. We will co-operate with any government and non-government organisations in this respect to the best of our ability.


To keep pace with the ever-expanding horizon of medicine we need to continually update our knowledge and practice. ‘Evidence-based medicine’ is the basis of modern medicine. Making specific guidelines and protocols in our socio-economic context and constantly striving to raise the standards of medical practice through regular audits, CME and research will be an integral part of our daily activities.


The basis of modern medicine is allopathic medicine. But there are other traditional forms which have co-existed for centuries. We will endeavour to search for the scientific basis of traditional medicine and apply them appropriately along with mainstream medicine.

2500 years ago, the development in Indian medicine reached a new height through the immense contributions of Charak, Susruta, Atreya and others. We, as doctors, feel the responsibility of bringing back this legacy, of establishing a framework of medicine of international standard in our country. Let this hospital be the first step in our humble contribution to this great task.